Dear Blackness


In order to survive in this cruel world you need to understand a few things. You are alone. In the sense that there is no real powerful system that is supporting you unconditionally. You will continuously be oppressed in all different directions. This will happen despite your educational background, your social standing or even your tax bracket. You do not have that kind of privilege that will set you entirely apart from your blackness. 

You have to understand that for centuries we been plagued. From the times of our ancestors we been brainwashed. We been made to believe we are subordinate to our counterparts. We are made to assimilate into whiteness. Whilst we lost our black identity.

Dear Black Girl

They will laugh at you full lips, your sculptured body and not understand your kinky hair. They will never understand why you roll your eyes and why your hips sway the way they do. They want your shoulders crouched down with your eyes to the ground. Your sculptured body is God’s work of art. Embrace it.

Do not let them see you with your face down and your head bowed with disgrace. Despite what they say, you exude beauty that speaks to the courage of your race. They will turn around and try replicate your natural God-given beauty.

Dear Black boy

There is no need to worry. Society will always paint a misconstrued image of you. Simply because we do not have the monopoly over media. However, in your space be a carefree black child.  Only you can define your destiny, your masculinity and identity. 

Wear your melanin with pride. Your sun-glazed skin should emanate the greatness that’s within.  You are not black by happenstance but because you have that spirit of an over-comer. You are born with a planted pride for your race. Do not assimilate into whiteness to only turn around and spit into the face blackness.

Dear Black Child

Remember to always be intentional, graceful and determinate, Stand steady. Bite your tongue for no one … [and remember] a closed mouth don’t get fed.” 

And when you feel like you been walked upon. Remember you will soar like an eagle. Because black magic.

giphy (1).gif

Jesse Williams acceptance speech for Humanitarian of the Year award at The BET awards 2016.


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