She has a name

On Sunday night as news broke out announcing the unfortunate passing of Fezekile Khuzwayo I was deeply sadden by how media had chosen to reduce her to “Zuma’s rape accuser.”


EWN announcing Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo death

Zuma’s rape accuser


eNCA news announcing Khwezi’s death

“President Zuma’s rape accuser”


Mail & Guardian announcing Khwezi’s death

“the woman whom  Jacob Zuma was accused of raping”


Times Live announcing Khwezi’s death

“Zuma rape accuser”


SABC’s announcement of Khewzi’s death

“Zuma rape accuser”

Her name is Fezekile Ntsukela Khuzwayo. The South African law failed her.  She is not “Zuma’s rape accuser.” She is the woman that was raped by Jacob Zuma. Her death comes ten years after the President was acquitted in the court of law. The South African media has reduced her to “Zuma’s rape accuser.” This only patronizes her existence.  Denies her of the dignity she deserves. Many fail to acknowledge that Fezekile was an AIDS activist and an advocate for women’s right and she fiercely fought against the rape of women in our country. Fezekile was criminalized for being in a Khanga at the time of the rape. Instead of criminalizing a men who saw her dress code as an invitation. In the last ten years her tragic experience was continuously invalidated.

Rest in peace, Fezekile “Khwezi” Khuzwayo, we believe you. 


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