Yes, I am an “Angry Black Woman”

For many years the term “Angry Black Woman” has been used whenever society wants to trivialize a Black woman’s experience. This term carries negative connotations.It functions as a social control mechanism because once we are seen to be outspoken, opinionated and confident, we are labelled as the “Angry Black Woman.”  (more…)


Dear Blackness


In order to survive in this cruel world you need to understand a few things. You are alone. In the sense that there is no real powerful system that is supporting you unconditionally. You will continuously be oppressed in all different directions. This will happen despite your educational background, your social standing or even your tax bracket. You do not have that kind of privilege that will set you entirely apart from your blackness. 


The year I was born

The South African government adopted its first democratic constitution.  It was meant to be non-racial, non-sexist and South African was meant to be this beautiful rainbow nation. The South African government set up the TRC trials. None of the politically motivated crimes would be punishable, if the perpetrator showed remorse. So, basically the government put plasters to wounds that never healed.