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Is South Africa Xenophobic?

I’m often perplexed when the violent attacks of foreigners in South Africa are referred to as xenophobic attacks by some academics and journalist. There has been a clear indication that the attacks have only been directed towards black, African foreign nationals. Xenophobia is “the fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange or dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.” So, although the observations still show xenophobic sentiments but  it is more correct to use the term afrophobia. This distinction is quite significant. This pattern of afrophobic violence have deeper psychological implications.  



Woman Crush Wednesday: Michelle Nkamankeng


  Michelle Nkamankeng is a 7 year old, South African author that has made it to the global list of 10 top youngest writers list.  She launched her book Waiting For The Waves earlier this month. The book is the first out of its series. The title was inspired by her fascination when she noticed how  everyone on the beach shore was staring into the sea and patiently waiting on the waves. At this moment the seed was planted into her mind.