more than transformation

If transformation can only offer grassroots solutions, we need to take a much more radical stance and call for the decolonisation of universities. A decolonised institution would be a non-racist, non-sexist, non-ableist, non-homophobic, non-xenophobic, non-classist and non-misogynistic place for all. It would separate itself from colonial legacies, names and practices. Its curriculum would be decolonised.



The year I was born

The South African government adopted its first democratic constitution.  It was meant to be non-racial, non-sexist and South African was meant to be this beautiful rainbow nation. The South African government set up the TRC trials. None of the politically motivated crimes would be punishable, if the perpetrator showed remorse. So, basically the government put plasters to wounds that never healed.


T.O Molefe: Being a writer and journalist right now

The name ‘T.O Molefe’ sounded pretty familiar to me. Actually too familiar. So when T.O introduced himself as a “prolific tweeter” who tweets “intellectual stuff” and, his words not mine, “trash.” I knew exactly what he meant because I follow him. And what a pleasure it is to have someone I discovered on social media ‘lecturing’ me.