Breaking into Eurocentric spaces


You receive an invite to a prestigious ceremony, it may be your graduation, the opening of parliament or your cousin’s white wedding. Whether the dress code is specified or not.  In most cases we subconsciously make the decision to wear westernized clothing. We have been normalized to the idea that western clothing is the default attire that is fit for sure ceremonies. Although, this thought may seem trivial. There are some deeper implications embedded in this way of thinking. It is time to start unthinking and unlearning these so-called norms.



Yes, I am an “Angry Black Woman”

For many years the term “Angry Black Woman” has been used whenever society wants to trivialize a Black woman’s experience. This term carries negative connotations.It functions as a social control mechanism because once we are seen to be outspoken, opinionated and confident, we are labelled as the “Angry Black Woman.”  (more…)

Discovering home with Wainaina


 Binyavanga Wainaina makes the reader feel as though they are right by his side as he travels from Cape Town to his grandparents home in the far West of Uganda through his immaculate description of scenery. We become more familiar with geography than the  characters in the short story. As he travels we begin to discover the difference in each country and town. All embodying their own distinct characteristics and personalities.


Dear Blackness


In order to survive in this cruel world you need to understand a few things. You are alone. In the sense that there is no real powerful system that is supporting you unconditionally. You will continuously be oppressed in all different directions. This will happen despite your educational background, your social standing or even your tax bracket. You do not have that kind of privilege that will set you entirely apart from your blackness.