READING JOURNAL: Speaking out against Rape.

What’s the likelihood of a journalist in 2016 writing a story that’s mirrors Moipone Malefane’s Sunday Times article in March 2006?

Statistics say 1 in 3 women in South Africa will experience sexual violence in their life.

In March 2006 I was a 10 year child. Unaware of the realities of this world. Naïve. Political unaware. Social issues were of little interest to my young mind. Also in March 2006 Moipane Malefane, a journalist,  wrote an article on the silencing of women in ANC exile camps amidst the Jacob Zuma’s rape trial.



T.O Molefe: Being a writer and journalist right now

The name ‘T.O Molefe’ sounded pretty familiar to me. Actually too familiar. So when T.O introduced himself as a “prolific tweeter” who tweets “intellectual stuff” and, his words not mine, “trash.” I knew exactly what he meant because I follow him. And what a pleasure it is to have someone I discovered on social media ‘lecturing’ me.